Why do children watch the same movie over and over again?

Frozen, Ratatouille, Despicable Me, The World Dory … The “watch cartoon” watching the identical film repeatedly without getting drained, with out even blinking. It is at all times a great time to ask and to search out yourself mesmerized in entrance of the tv, ecstatic with pleasure. Mother and father, exhausted, typically accompany them, questioning what’s behind this troubling obsession.

Many individuals have been stunned a couple of months in the past by curious information. A Netflix person had watched the identical film 357 instances in 12 months. Most wished to know two issues. What film it was and who this particular person was. The audiovisual platform lastly contacted the person to get to know him and publish his story.

“A toddler might have seen greater than 100 instances this movie for which he feels a great preference. Nonetheless, irrespective of what number of instances he noticed it, his stage of consideration was identical to the primary time.”

 The movie in query was neither extra nor lower than  Bee Film. A humorous, animated movie where a current faculty graduate bee leaves her hive to befriend a human, a florist. The person who noticed this manufacturing virtually every day was Jaxson, a child only over 12 months outdated.

Because the mom defined,  the boy was just a few months outdated when he was mesmerized by the pictures on this DreamWorks movie. So she put the movie on him day-after-day. In response to her, Jaxson is extra relaxed and attentive than ever, whereas watching Bee Film. She is conscious, nonetheless, that her son barely understands the story. Nonetheless, given the satisfaction generated, she doesn’t hesitate to supply him this second of delight and leisure day-after-day.

Youngsters Watch The Similar Film Over And Over As a result of Their Mind Wants It.

The story of this Netflix person and his son may surprise us due to the protagonist’s age. We all know that youngsters right this moment have very early contact with the audiovisual world. Transferring photographs, shade, music, and voices are very enticing stimuli for his or her mind. Nonetheless,  when youngsters watch the identical film time and again, there’s extra to it than sensory attraction. 

Allow us to return for a second to our childhood. We additionally had our favorite film. Extra so, we had our favorite story. The one we at all times wished to learn or hoped our mother and father learn each evening. We are also beloved that our grandparents advised us of this story or anecdote each time we went to them. We appreciated revolving round recognized, predictable, and acquainted tales …

Repetition is a method of studying.

The toddler mind learns and consolidates data using repetition. Subsequently, it’s not stunning that youngsters watch identical film time and again. Whether they ask us to sing an identical tune or ask us to learn identical books to them. Thus, research such because the one revealed in 2011 on the College of Sussex in Brighton present us that youngsters incorporate these tales as a job mannequin. They’re chains of which means that they’ll decipher higher and higher.

Therefore, they enhance their language as they get there. They Deco current and new phrases higher perceive the arguments and assimilate extra particulars, attaining higher personal satisfaction. 

Repetition gives consolation and security.

Youngsters want habits, tips, routines. They thus handle to higher arrange their world to find it. At the same time, they get a sense of safety. So we should not be stunned when youngsters watch identical film time and again. They expertise pleasure and well-being.

Realizing what will occur at every second permits them to validate their expectations, strengthen them, and calm them down. There are not any unexpected occasions to cope with a second. No contradictory data that place them on alert. Having earlier than them this well-known movie, this story or this guide that does not hold any secrets and techniques helps them acquire this friendly and above all “controllable” safety.

Enhance logical considering

Logical considering refers back to the relationships we make between two or extra objects. It’s about making comparisons, deducing data, combining, and acquiring a collection of conclusions. This introductory cognitive course that Piaget spoke of on time is crucial to the mental improvement of kids.

Subsequently, having a body like a movie with a particular story will enable them to search out these identical relationships,  assist them in searching out these triggers and impact relationships, these hyperlinks between elements, between stimuli, micro-stories, gestures, phrases. …

To conclude: though these repetitive experiences exhaust and exasperate adults, our kids want them. Youngsters mature once they watch the identical film time and again. Not solely are they having fun with. However, they’re additionally rising. They feel competent in making predictions. They enjoy these acquainted stimuli. So let’s allow them to get pleasure from their favorite productions. The time will come when they’ll ask just for new experiences, not being glad about what they already know.

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